Focused on the basics

the basics are the essentials

Our Aim Is Simple

We have a God who makes himself know to us. He is not silent. He is active. How do we discover him, see him, and experience him? We focus on the timeless basics of the Christian faith. We look for the springs of his Power. These springs are the source of his power, presence, and promises. God has made it simple.

We are committed to seeking out these springs. What are they? 

The Scriptures

God's word is timeless. Lasting for centuries and relevant for thousands of generations. God gave us His word through the work of His Holy Spirit, who spoke through the authors of the scriptures.
The scriptures are His breath. They work in partnership with His Spirit who is His breath. When we commit to learn, teach, and meditate on His word we get all of Him. No need for more or less. 

The Church is Community

God treasures His people. He gave us each other because he treasures us. God is also triune. He has perfect community in His divine connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has given us what He enjoys: relationships.

 The two great commands of the scriptures are to love God and love each other. We want to learn how to do both. Community is never easy. But God designed our purpose, our peace, and our joy to intertwine with His people. Christianity is designed for us to thrive together not individually.  

The Gospel

We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ because it is the power of God for all of us for salvation and in our living journey.

Our Jesus was born of the virgin birth, lived a perfect life, died a sinners' death, buried, and then resurrected in victory. We believe Jesus brings us into peace with God, enables us to receive God's gifts, and gives us a helper in the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel gives us peace, motivation, and teaches us about our living triune God. We celebrate the message of Jesus Christ and point everyone to Him.


Prayer is connection. Prayer is heard. Prayer is more than answered requests. Prayer is a pathway of peace, faith, love, and surprise.

Riverpoint desires to be a people who pray together. A people who remind each other to go to their Big God. A people who celebrate when God surprises. A people who teach each other God's perspective when he withholds. Prayer is essential for connection to God.

The Vision

The vision of Riverpoint Church is to be a unified church dedicated to the equipping and building of all of The Father's people for the advancement of His Kingdom.

The Mission

To accomplish our vision, we want to  learn how to be disciples of Christ as individuals, within our families, and in our communities.

Our founding mission is for everyone to greet everyone, grow together, and go for anyone.

In 2021 we are focused on belonging to the church, becoming more like Jesus Christ, and contributing to Jesus' ambitions.

What is a successful church?

We believe what we measure matters. We also want to measure what God measures.
Here are Riverpoint's convictions on what determines a healthy and flourishing Church.

People Know Their Identity


Loving Culture

Christlike Maturity

People Using  God-given Gifts

Kingdom Multiplication 


Our understanding of God shapes our understanding of authority. God is made up of three persons. Each person of the trinity has a unique role and unique responsibilities from the other three. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit sacrifice their own will for the will of one another. They delight in supporting, yielding, and for each other. 

The trinity is our model for church leadership

There are numerable opportunities for leadership in the church. There are only two offices among these leadership opportunities: elders and deacons. These offices are to model the trinity in the way they carry out  authority in the church. These offices seek to empower the church members for their roles or in other words leadership opportunities (Eph. 4:11-13). More specifically, they sacrifice their own will so each individual understands how to steward their gifts (Romans 12:3-6) and provide a place to use their gifts.

The offices are not the sole leaders but they are servant leaders for the sake of the church. Like the trinity, they love those who are in the church. They celebrate, yield to, and serve the people of the church. Likewise all the leaders of the church are to love, celebrate, yield, and serve like the trinity. The people of the church then experience a culture of humility, love, and genuine harmony.

Riverpoint models all of its' leadership positions and how it uses leadership after the Holy Trinity described in the scriptures. The trinity informs the elders through prayer. The deacons and elders then carry out what God has asked in unity and in agreement. Then, all  leaders of the church imitate God in how they treat all of those who attend church.