River Kids Ministry

Every Sunday we provide classes for children birth through sixth grade. Each week children are learning God’s Word through engaging, creative activities that are age appropriate.

Children learn best through relationships with teachers who care about them and know them.

Riverpoint has a team of adults and high school students who are passionate about teaching children about Jesus. Their consistency creates an environment of trust where children can effectively learn God’s Word.


What to Expect


We have a guest check-in table for first time visitors to sign in and get name tags for their children.

After checking in, parents will drop off their child to one of three welcoming classrooms. We have a class for 0-2 year olds, preschool/kinder, and elementary (1st-6th grade).


While in their classes children will play and engage in meaningful activities

that help support the lesson for that week, study God’s Word together, and worship through singing. Each class has a main teacher called a Disciple Maker and a volunteer who helps called a Spotter.  


All of our Disciple Makers and Spotters are Ministry Safe trained.

As a part of the mission and vision of our church as a whole, we seek to encourage each child to discover the gifting that God has given him or her and to use those at church!

We believe that River Kids Ministry is a place where children can thrive in knowing Jesus more!

We pray that the children of Riverpoint “may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that [they] may be filled up to all the fullness of God.”

Ephesians 3:18-19


Our Purpose

To disciple children to know and follow Jesus by intentionally loving them and teaching them God’s Word in ways that are creative and developmentally appropriate.

Our Mission

1. Discipleship

The good news about Jesus changes lives. We want to effectively teach all of the children at Riverpoint who Jesus is, why they need Him, and equip them to follow Him all of their days. This is done by telling them about Jesus, but also showing them how we value them and live our lives.

2. Intentionality

Making a difference in children’s lives begins with intentional relationships. Children thrive where they are known and loved. Since parents are the primary disciplers of their children, we strive as partners to intentionally know, support, and equip parents in this amazing responsibility. God gave each parent their particular child or children on purpose. It is our role as parents to, in a sense, say, “Do as I do.” We set the model for how to live. Our responsibility is to disciple our children and teach them to follow Jesus as we are following Him.

As a church, we want to live out the belief that children matter and that they have something to offer at young ages. The church thrives when all of its members use the gifts God has given them. Children are a part of the church and should be empowered to live out the gifts God has given them and to develop those gifts and interests.

3. Developmentally Appropriate Teaching

If we want to teach children effectively, we need to know how God designed them. Implementing what we know about basic child development will lead to greater effectiveness in teaching the gospel as well as grow in each child a love for the church.